Are Towing Services Responsible for Damages They Cause While Towing Your Car? 

Are Towing Services Responsible for Damages They Cause While Towing Your Car? 

Tow trucks are usually seen in auto accidents. Vehicle towing companies offer vehicle transportation. It is generally taken for the non-working vehicle that needs to be moved. You can hire a tow company to take your vehicle to a repair shop or to take it to another location or can be taken to remove the vehicle that is parked somewhere illegally or the driver is not available and cannot move from the scene. Many professional towing companies get the work done lawfully as per the local codes. In case while towing the car, the damage is done, then towing companies are responsible for the damage. Whether, unfortunately, some towing is done illegally and that may cause you a lot of inconveniences, proves the unanticipated financial burden, and proves extensive damage to the vehicle. So, in that case, you can take the below-mentioned steps which prove helpful. 

Common Car Damage Likely to Occur While Towing

Commonly, while towing bumper damage is done. This kind of damage is generally taking place in some cases when the hook is not positioned to tow your car. When a tow truck strikes the car then it led to damage to the car’s bumper based on the size of the tow truck. Some other damages can also take place to smaller vehicles is windshield or tire damage. 

Who are Liable for Accidents Happen While Towing a Car?

It is possible that while towing the car to towing truck, there happens an accident. It damages the car and towing truck as well. In any of the cases, you will be compensated with the amount for damage done to your vehicle by towing company. Here are the common scenarios where you can ask for compensation. 

  • When a vehicle being towed strikes another car that is alongside when the driver is trying to switch lanes.
  • A flatbed or towed vehicle gets unhooked and rolls into the incoming traffic, this will result in damage when hit by another vehicle
  • When a towed car points into the next lane and is hit by the oncoming vehicle, or vehicle at the corner because of poor negotiation of the curve by the driver of the towing truck.
  • When a tow truck driver oversteers at a turn and gets hit by the pedestrian

In case of any of the scenarios given above or other than these, the towing services will be liable for the damage caused.


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